Spring Celebrations!

Our family enjoys making egg decorations for spring and Easter celebrations! They are easy, colorful and longlasting. First blow out the insides of an egg. This is probably the hardest part. I pierce the top and bottom of an egg using a needle. Then, yes, I blow out the insides of the egg. I use warm soapy water to rinse out the egg and again blow out the egg. Put it back in the egg carton to dry.

Once dry. I use a broken tooth pick and a piece of ribbon and insert the tooth pick. This will be the hanging element of the egg.

Then use modge podge and tissue paper or what works even better is a decorative napkin. Cover the egg with modge podge and layer the paper on top, making sure the paper lies smoothly. My kids love doing this!

You can add sparkles, because everything is better with a little bling! And we hang ours on a spring branch to celebrate new growth!

You can use the egg carton to save them for next year!

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